About Us President message

"KDDI Korea will do its best to become a KDDI Korea that grows with its customers.”

Rhee SungJin President, KDDI Korea

Starting with telephony service May 1998, KDDI Korea has continuously been serving our customers with IT solutions services including data center, global network, system integration, satellite communication, and other IT-focused services.
Leveraging our close relationship with KDDI, with over 100 offices around the world, and its global data centers, Teleouse, we are capable to fully support our customers who are expanding their business globally. We provide a one stop IT solution, starting from IT procurement, IT infrastructure set up, all the way through to mainaining the entire IT system.
We, KDDI Korea with all the employees, will continue to give our greatest effort to achieve our aim, "growing together with our customers", while keep implementing our vision, "customer's satisfaction is our future"
I look forward to your ongoing support.
Thank you