IoT KDDI IoT Cloud Standard

Improve efficiency, cut costs and raise sales by managing your sensor data from the cloud.

Improve efficiency, cut costs and raise sales by managing your sensor data from the cloud.

Not only is data from on-site sensors uploaded to the cloud in real-time, functionality necessary for IoT such as alert notifications and data storage are provided as standard features.

Use the "LOGGER Course", suited to sensor data monitoring, or the "LIVE Course", which enables fixed-location monitoring. KDDI IoT Cloud Standard can be used in a variety of ways to meet your business needs.


Supports many sensor types

A wide variety of sensors are provided, not only for temperature or vibrations, but also for electric current, flow volume, level, and more.

Observation cameras supported

Massive amounts of real-time imagery from observation cameras can be viewed without slowdown thanks to optimization for mobile connections.

Formatted output and screen customization

Output formatted daily and monthly reports of your data, and customize the screen layout to your liking.

Usable globally (*1)

Operates on the Internet, allowing it to be used with any communications carrier, from anywhere in the world.

*1Web Console currently supports Japanese only.

Time zone support

Customers with overseas branches can benefit by browsing, searching and comparing data using different time zones.

2 feature courses to promote your IoT business


This course is suitable for storing data logs such as those for analog surveillance monitoring or network contact point monitoring. Features powerful graph and map functionality.

Useful features

  • Collects both numerical and text data.
  • Alert notifications (e-mail)
  • API to work with CSV data
  • API to forward data to outside
  • Form output

Perfect solutions for various situations

- Monitoring factory equipment

- Maintaining comfortable offices

- Managing greenhouse/warehouse temperature

LIVE Course

This course is suitable for storing images from surveillance cameras. Includes convenient management functions such as searching past images and an image comparison function.

Useful features

  • Image data acquisition
  • Remote operation
  • Mobile communications optimization
  • Monitor from 12 cameras simultaneously while remote controlling
  • Comparison of simultanous images from multiple cameras

Perfect solutions for various situations

  • Keep a venue under safe watch such as concert halls or other locations.
  • Secure the facility located in a remote area by constantly checking on its status.
  • Expand your current security capabilities for your offices or reception areas.
  • 24/7 surveillance for car parks.
  • Monitor over valuable plant's growth in green houses
  • Keep an eye on rivers to monitor water level as flood detector.

Peace of mind with multiple security features

Contracts and Technical Support

  • First-class customer support

KDDI provides support both before and after installation of our services. Our presence globally enables us to support you wherever you are located to your Japan Headquarters and to your international offices in the local language.

  • Global Contracts

You can choose to manage all your affiliates’ contracts as one single international contract with Headquarters, or contract separately with each office around the world. We will work flexibly to fit your business needs and your budget.

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