Business Support Tool ABBYY FineReader

Digitize any kind of document and achieve smooth editing, sharing, and cooperation

A PDF editing tool with OCR technology that is capable of eliminating the labor and time of manually processing paper documents.

Makes full use of OCR to optimize PDF file processing

ABBYY FineReader is equipped with OCR technology that can accurately read data from your documents. Scanned documents or image files are converted by FineReader into searchable digital formats such as PDF, Microsoft Word, or Excel. FineReader also enables large efficiency gains in your day-to-day work with features for working cooperatively, issuing status and comparing documents.

ABBYY FineReader series

Standalone-type: ABBYY FineReader

Efficiently process PDFs in your digital workspace

Regular ABBYY FineReader is standalone-type solution for professionals seeking to maximize efficiency in their digital workspaces.

For converting large volumes of documents: ABBYY FineReader Server

Automatically create a digital library that can be easily accessed, shared and searched

ABBYY FineReader Server is a client-and-server type solution that allows you to quickly and accurately convert large amounts of documents.
Its server-based OCR and file conversion allows you to change scanned documents and image files into PDF files, Microsoft Word files, and other formats that are suited to searching, long-term storage, collaboration and additional processing.

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