Office IT Management WAN/LAN Solutions

Implementation of WAN and LAN Systems

We provide both WAN (Wide Area Network) and LAN (Local Area Network) solutions. In addition to our “Global Network”, we also support both Internet services and circuit services in your country. We make recommendations on the optimum WAN and LAN system solutions based on the requirements of our customers.

Network Engineering Service

Service Outline

We offer support services ranging from construction of large scale networks to SOHO networks, from one set of cables to multiple networks, and from design of various IT infrastructure to implementation.


  • We procure equipment from multiple vendors in order to provide the optimum system for our clients thus helping to ease purchase burdens.
  • We leverage our strong connections with communications carriers and support WAN circuit implementation.
  • A consistent approach is adopted to construct IT systems - from network design to cable wiring.

Example Systems Provided

  • Installation of network equipment such as switching hubs, routers, firewalls
  • WAN/LAN redundancy configuration design
  • LAN cabling
  • UPS installation
  • firewall (FW) installation

Server and Client System Solutions

Service Outline

We support every aspect - from server and client PC procurement to design and installation.We have a proven track record of installing many kinds of servers such as file servers, mail servers, DNS servers and proxy servers.


  • The most suitable system is selected and procured from multiple vendors.
  • We support the procurement and installation of Japanese software.
  • Our high technical skills in network and servers allow us to quickly resolve problems during failures.
    ※About the solution part, cases part, please refer to the reference materials.

Example Systems Provided

  • Server installation (File, Mail, DNS, Proxy, Windows domain, printers and etc.)
  • Client PC Installation
  • Design and installation of server redundancy configuration

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