Security SD-WAN services

Corporate networks that can adapt to the varied challenges of the cloud era

We can create corporate networks of withstanding a variety of changes such as increased cloud service usage, greater numbers of connection points, and expansion of business overseas.

Do you have any of these problems?

Time and effort is expended doing settings configuration whenever we create a new office

Our network circuit is slow, and we want to optimize cloud traffic

We want to visualize the network usage of each of our offices and make management easier

  • Allow fast and flexible response to changes in business

You can continue to use your existing private network or Internet access line, and you can choose from a selection of service configurations what best meets your scale and needs, making small and fast implementations possible. We can also provide optimal private networks and Internet access lines, including managed services.

  • Maximize network performance, allowing total cost optimization

When a private network and Internet connection are used together in an SD-WAN configuration, by optimally directing the paths of per-application traffic between them, connection quality can be stabilized and costs for adding or strengthening access lines reduced.

  • Provide safe and comfortable usage of cloud services necessary for business optimization

By connecting directly from your local offices to the Internet to use the cloud, traffic congestion is reduced and the user experience improved. Cloud-based security services allow such cloud usage to be done safely.


The SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN) solutions provided by KDDI Group create resilient corporate networks that can adapt changes such as an increased number of offices as cloud service usage or business projects expand, or business deployments overseas.

By installing SD-WAN Edges at your office locations, a virtualized network using software-defined technology*1 is created. Issues you may face such as increased traffic, lowered network quality and how to manage security can be addressed, allowing you to maintain a pleasant-to-use network environment.

SD-WAN configuration example

*1Software-defined technology: Software-defined technology is a general name for virtualization or abstraction technology using software. SD-WANs are the results of expanding SDN (software-defined networking) from virtualization of datacenter networks, which has been the primary usage so far, to WANs (wide-area networks).
*2Local breakout: You can allow direct Internet connections from your local offices to specified public cloud sites, allowing you to disperse traffic and enable fast, comfortable usage of cloud services.
*3Multipath control: Network traffic routing can be done according to purpose and quality. For example, if connection quality on a route suffers due to traffic congestion, traffic can be automatically rerouted to a path with better quality.
*4Segmentation: Logically separate networks can be created on a single physical access circuit. This allows central management of multiple networks in your corporate group that use different operational policies.
*5SD-WAN Edge: Feature packages and hardware specifications can be chosen per local office according to the functionality and performance required, allowing you to create a configuration that is optimally suited to your needs.
*6UTM: Unified Threat Management


Handle increased network traffic

Migrating to an SD-WAN allows you to easily adapt to network traffic increases caused by using cloud services.

Configure devices from the cloud

If your devices are connected to your access circuit, you can adjust their configurations from the cloud. There is no need to send workers on-site, saving you time and labor.

See per-application usage status

Per-application usage status can be seen at a glance, allowing fast diagnosis of problems, route switching and bandwidth expansion.

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